The Power of a Positive Mindset

We all say things that we don’t really mean. We all say things that aren’t really good for us. I challenge everyone to learn to speak more honestly, optimistically and effectively.

Could you give up a few words that you don’t want to say anymore because they are negative or misleading and therefore keeping you from having a positive mindset? I have given up the words “hard,” “stressed” and “need”. If you always say it’s hard, it will be. If you think you’re stressed then you are. We also don’t “need” anything except for air, water, food, love and maybe our supplements.

I found that at first it was challenging and I kept catching myself say the words I was attempting to give up, but before long they were removed from my language completely. This practice has made me more conscious of my words and thoughts and it reminds me that I have choices. We don’t have to speak and act like everyone else, and we can move towards a more purposeful, calm and positive way of thinking. It’s all about taking control and recognizing what patterns may be keeping you in a cycle of complaints, negativity or stress.

If I catch myself saying one of those words, I quickly change my statement and remember that I don’t like the way any of those words sound when others say them so frequently. To me, those three words don’t sound optimistic or helpful, and I believe that once we say things, we might start to believe them. That creates an ugly, viscous cycle. Since I’ve been successful giving up those words, I’ve also tried to remove “hate,” “should” and “busy” from my vocabulary.

Positive Mindset Challenge

Decide which words you want to give up and know why you want to give them up. Write them down, comment below and start to change the way you speak.

When you give up words that bring you down or are negative, you’ll improve the way you think. When you do this, you’ll begin to influence those around you. If you want more amazing things to happen in your WODs, performances and life, look for ways to improve the way you speak and think. Your mentality is powerful and it’s one thing you can control. Make sure your language is working for you and not against you.

Here’s a few examples :

Let’s say you want to give up “stressed”, “can’t” and “hard.”

  1. Instead of “My schedule is so stressful,” try:  “I have a lot going on right now, but it’s all good stuff and I’m working on staying balanced.”
  2. Instead of “I can’t get double-unders no matter what I try,” say: “I really want to get double-unders, I better keep working on my technique with a coach so that I can get better.”
  3. Instead of “Damn, this competition is going to be hard,” try: “Those WODs are going to challenge the hell out of me and it’s going to be awesome.” 

When you get used to talking differently, all sorts of good stuff will start flowing into your life. You’ll perform better in WODs and simply feel better each and every day.